Get Your Quilt On.

I have decided that I should start sharing some free patterns that have discovered.

Running everything here takes up so much of my time and leaves me with little time to do any making myself. so I have to make do with looking at some of the beautiful things my customers make and then share with me. Please share your makes with me.

So today it quilts! I have managed to make two myself. two that are not perfect but I did like making and am ridiculously proud of my efforts. So here are some free patterns that you might like to do. and I can dream about making soon.

1.The link below is for the kimono range from Makower. Kimono-Quilt

2. As a huge fan of the Ghastlies I had to include some ghastlie quilts…07041b3bd448540803194152ee477e00--halloween-quilts-halloween-sewing

3.Sweet little book and cat quilt from Windham. Doesn’t seem to hard either….

4 . Love this ..


5. a fox!


hope you enjoy. please leave comments or pictures if you make!



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