Happy New Year ….. belated!

So much has happened in the last few weeks since I wrote a blog piece. I had only had the shop a couple of weeks and it has been crazy!

I think I have been a little hard to live with with all the stress and trying to get everything done. At the moment it is just me, and I spend 6 days in the shop and Monday – the one it is shut I catch up on paper work, orders, bills, and a little social media..

Miss Gingers now stocks Liberty Fabric which is most exciting and gorgeous to look at. I do look at it and dreaming of what I would like to make.IMG_6486

Makower UK have bought out a lovely new range which is also making me go mmmmmm!!!

I have also started stocking Emily Peacock Embroidery , and they are just the best. When one is bought I know the customer is going to have so much fun making it and then looking at it. I have made a few myself and my daughter has just finished the ‘lucky’ which I think is her 5th!


It has started to fill up nicely which has meant that I have needed to rearrange and pack all the lovely fabrics in.


I do hope you can come down and visit. If not nearly everything is available on line.IMG_6398Happy sewing!




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