Why I love Merchant and Mills patterns

I Stock most of the Merchant and Mills paper patterns and have made a few for myself as well. I find the patterns really good quality and most importantly that they are well written and easy to follow. The company are British and based in the beautiful town of Rye. Where Mapp and Lucia was based and filmed (I do love a random fact!)








There Patterns for both Man and women. Personally I find the shapes quite classic in style which makes it easy to add a little of your own flare. The top 64 looks fab in the denim hickory though I am just about to make it in a lightweight floral fabric

denim hickory 2



One of my favourite is the Camber dress. super easy and one I recommend to beginners. Its really flexible as your can make it as a dress or a top , and once confident it is a pattern you can play with, adding pockets or a flare. I think it also looks great in funky fabric – which of course I adore!


Next I hope to show you The Union and Dress shirt.


AKA Miss Ginger


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